About Great Pacific Investing

Investing in mortgages through the MIC funds managed by Great Pacific provides a unique opportunity for secure investing, great returns and peace of mind.


Investors are looking for high yield, safe investing opportunities more than ever.

Our MIC funds are all eligible for private or corporate investment. Shares of a MIC are qualified investments under the Income Tax Act (Canada) for RRSPs, RRIFs, RESPs and the newly created Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA).

Shares of the MIC funds are not offered by prospectus. All investors must qualify for an exemption from the prospectus requirements. This information is available in the offering memorandum.

Our Investment Philosophy

When you buy a MIC you are choosing the people who are directly accountable for managing your money. You need to know their investment philosophy.

At Great Pacific our investment philosophy is simply to protect our shareholders’ money and provide them with the highest possible return.

Our shareholders make money because of the experience, expertise and judgment of our team. They know the business, they know their market and they have a record of success. They also know how to find a steady flow of new mortgages to keep the income flowing in quarter after quarter.

Our Investment Advantage

We manage our MIC funds in the best interest of our shareholders. This is how we set ourselves apart.

Investment Security – Our shareholders are protected by a significant amount of income that has been set aside in the event of a mortgage loss in each fund. All investments are secured by real estate.

Accountability – Audited financial statements are undertaken for Great Pacific’s funds, annually. All shareholders have voting rights and have a voice at the Annual General Meeting.

Transparency – investors have the ability to review the fund’s files and portfolio list, at any time.

Experience – the Great Pacific team are experienced underwriters in the loan approval process and our approval process is rigorous.

Choosing right mortgage investments for our shareholders

Capital preservation is the key for making any investment decision. We limit our loan to value ratio to what is considered secure for the type of property and its location, although investment in mortgages does carry certain risks associated with real estate.

The criteria for qualification for this focuses principally on the value and quality of the real estate available as security, but also takes into consideration the borrowers’ credit history, net worth and income.

As the fund manager, Great Pacific uses a team approach to ensure only the best investments are chosen for shareholders. The key element is the exit strategy.