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2704, 2011

When patience might not be a virtue.

A recent survey done on behalf of (RBC) Royal Bank of Canada indicated that the majority of potential first time home buyers in Canada have [...]

1802, 2011

In the Borrower’s Best Interest

Institutional lenders, such as banks, are starting to collectively jump on the band wagon to increase mortgage interest rates. They are once again chanting their [...]

912, 2010

Grinch Economics 101

As Christmas soon approaches I, for one, have simply decided to take a vacation from the daily negative public feeding of Grinch Economics 101. No, [...]

2810, 2010

When Echo Boomers Buy

Many of today’s young adults are still living with their parents. In fact, 17% more of Canadian young adults born between 1970 and 1990, known [...]

1609, 2010

Pulling a Rabbit Out of the Hat

Lately, many people have questioned the decision by the Governor of the Bank of Canada to raise interest rates. The truth is the Governor has [...]

1308, 2010

Lending Yourself Your Own RRSP Money

Some years back, while working as a Branch Manager for a Canadian Trust Company, I was given an opportunity to gain experience in the area [...]

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