Great Pacific Mortgage & Investments Ltd. is a British Columbia Corporation which is licensed by the Financial Institutions Commission of the Province (FICOM) as a Mortgage Broker.

What we can offer you

We offer a wide range of services from private mortgage lending, construction mortgages, and residential mortgages to investment in our MIC funds First Accredit Mortgage Corp. and Accredit Mortgage Ltd.

Dedicated Team

Our experienced, knowledgeable and efficient team of staff who manage our mortgage and investor portfolios.

Consistent Returns

Our consistent and stable return on investment rates for shareholders.

The right choice for you

Our dedication and honesty in finding mortgage solutions or investment opportunities for our clients.


Locally owned and operated, helping BC residents since 1999

Walt Neufeld, Jeffery Moses, Paul Croy and Damian Sowa have over 75 years of industry experience between them and have put together a team of financial experts with many years of diverse experience to provide their shareholders with the finest decision making about their money.

Meet the Great Pacific Team

The team at Great Pacific believes in building long term relationships with their clients and demonstrates full transparency when managing their shareholders investment portfolios.