The Great Pacific Advantage


Our team of financial experts have brought years of diverse experience together to provide our shareholders with the finest decision making about their money.

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Our Investing Advantage

The board of directors for each MIC fund review investments as a team to find the best opportunities to create the greatest returns possible for shareholders.

We manage our MIC funds to serve our shareholders. This is how we set ourselves apart.

  • Investment Security – All investments are secured by real estate.
  • Accountability – Audited financial statements are undertaken for Great Pacific’s funds, annually. All shareholders have voting rights and have a voice at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Transparency – investors have the ability to review the fund’s files and portfolio list, at any time.
  • Experience – the Great Pacific team are experienced underwriters in the loan approval process and our approval process is rigorous.

Our Borrowing Advantage

We are a full service brokerage that can work with any individual, family or business in need of mortgage financing including residential, commercial, construction and private lending.

We offer a flexible, solutions-based mortgage process to help our clients get the money they need at the best possible rate.


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