Accredit Mortgage Ltd.

Accredit Mortgage Ltd.

Accredit was created in 1994 and is the largest MIC fund for Great Pacific shareholders.

Accredit concentrates its resources on a niche in the mortgage market that has been created by:

  • The reduction of the number of “institutional” mortgage lenders.
  • Standardization of institutional mortgage underwriting.
  • The reduction / elimination of “local / branch” approval limits and autonomy.

Fund Directors

Walter R. Neufeld – CEO
Jeffery A. Moses – Treasurer
Paul E. Croy – Vice President / Secretary
Damian A. Sowa – Director

pdf_icon Accredit Offering Memorandum June 9, 2021

pdf_icon Accredit Articles of Incorporation


Upon your request we will forward a synopsis of our current mortgage portfolio as a reference.

See First Accredit Mortgage Corp details.