Private Mortgages


There are many borrowing situations that are unique which require a solutions-based approach and a lender with the flexibility to make it happen.

If traditional mortgage lending is not getting you the results you need, we can help.

Private Mortgages are usually short term loans that are a solution in situations where mortgage funds are not available from a traditional lender or when a borrower has a tight schedule in which to access funds for a project or purchase.

Many of our private mortgage holders experience issues with traditional lending because they:

  • Can’t prove their income
  • Have poor credit or no credit history
  • Declared bankruptcy
  • Have not been with their employer for a significant period of time

Borrowers who already qualify for loans from institutional lenders, often choose to apply for a private mortgage instead because they need access to money quickly. Great Pacific’s approval process allows qualified borrowers to receive their funds within days, if required, allowing them to take advantage of opportunities that might be missed if they waited for the approval process of a traditional lender.

Private Mortgages can be used for:

  • Loan consolidation
  • Bridge financing
  • Second mortgage
  • Interim financing
  • Construction financing
  • Commercial loans
  • Residential mortgages


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