Paul E. Croy

Paul E. Croy

Mortgage Broker

Paul E. CroyPaul joined Great Pacific as a sub-mortgage broker in 2004 and has been involved in mortgage underwriting since 1979.  Prior to joining Great Pacific, he was the Branch Manager for the Victoria Branch of Laurentian Bank of Canada for more than 10 years.  Paul has also held Senior Branch Management positions with Prenor Trust Company of Canada, CanWest Trust, and Discovery Trust Company of Canada.

Dedicated to the development of local Performing Arts, Paul is currently President of the Victoria Shakespeare Society and the past Vice President of the Canadian College of Performing Arts.  He also served six years as the Vice President of the Royal McPherson Theatres Society which operates two municipally owned theatres in Victoria.  Paul was awarded Life Time Memberships in both Four Seasons Musical Theatre Society and the Victoria Shakespeare Society for his years of service in 2009.  Paul is also a member of The Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology.

Paul lives in Victoria with his wife of 32 years, Darcy, and is the personal servant to one rather large house cat.  Paul and his wife fully enjoy being grandparents in their spare time.


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