Damian Sowa

Damian Sowa

Mortgage Broker

Damian SowaDamian Sowa began his career with the North Shore Credit Union in 1995, and after 5 years in financial services decided to change industries and focus on the business of biotechnology – bringing technology to market. After furthering his education and spending 10 years in Business Development and Finance, Damian is bringing his deal-making abilities back to the Financial Services industry as a Mortgage Broker. His experience and ability to make sense of the most complicated issues and bring parties together means he can find options for every customer.

When not at work, Damian can be found running along Dallas Road, tossing the ball for his Labradoodle, remodeling his house (or someone else’s!) or tinkering with his motorcycle.

Damian is also an active member of the Harbourside Rotary Club, and serves on the Board of Directors of both the Harbourside Rotary Club and the Harbourside Rotary Foundation.