About Great Pacific

About Great Pacific

Based in Victoria, Great Pacific is a full service mortgage brokerage firm, specializing in MIC fund management, as well as traditional mortgage brokerage services.

Great Pacific manages two Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs)

Since 1994, the MIC funds managed by Great Pacific have consistently shown positive returns for shareholders.

Corporate History

Walt Neufeld, Jeffery Moses, Paul Croy and Chris Pahl have over 75 years of industry experience between them and have put together a team of financial experts with many years of diverse experience to provide their shareholders with the finest decision making about their money. Great Pacific Mortgage & Investments Ltd. was founded in 1999 which absorbed the previous company, Great Pacific Financial, which was formed in 1981. 

Great Pacific’s corporate values are based on providing a stable safe investment vehicle for shareholders by accurately pricing risk, while helping people attain their goals and dreams by funding their projects.

The team at Great Pacific believes in building long term relationships with their clients and demonstrates full transparency when managing their shareholders’ $90 million investment portfolios.


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